The Essential DX Lift | KONE New Zealand

The Essential DX Lift | KONE New Zealand

Are you working on a low-rise apartment, planning an aged care project or outfitting an upcoming school? We've got you covered. We've specifically engineered our lift to meet the demands of Australian and New Zealand users, giving you an optimised, affordable and connected solution with a faster turnaround.

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Engineered for apartments

We’ve worked with builders to understand what you need (and what you don’t!) when delivering low-rise residential projects.


Designed specifically for schools

Our optimised, end-to-end design solution provides everything you need to get your project moving and have the confidence that KONE will deliver the essential lift for your school.


Perfect for community projects

From aged care to childcare and community centres, the KONE Essentials lift has been specifically engineered for ease of use and reliability.

Streamlined car interior designs

Streamlined car interior designs

Experience a stylish and modern range of painted metal and stainless steel wall finishes. Enjoy eco-efficient LED lighting, a range of durable floor options (or the option to install your own!) and long lasting, durable doors suitable for any application.



Peace of mind with full compliance to New Zealand standards including NZS4332 – Operation of Lifts Under Earthquake Conditions

Contact us for more information

Our consultants will be in touch with more information and a quote.




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