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Code-compliant elevator solutions

For many years, major elevator manufacturers operating in New Zealand have used European Standard EN81-1 as the primary means of compliance. In addition to the above EN standard, compliance with NZS4332: 1997 Part 25.8 – Operation of Lifts under earthquake conditions is also required.



Elevators installed in New Zealand must comply with the New Zealand Building Code - Clause D2 ‘Mechanical Installations for Access’.

The new European Lift Standard EN 81-20:2014, with appropriate modifications for use in New Zealand, is cited as an Acceptable Solution. With effect from 6 August, only EN81-20:2014 will be deemed-to-comply with the performance requirements of Clause D2 ‘Mechanical installation for access’.

EN81-20 has been developed with input from a number of national code authorities and is intended to become the ‘global’ elevator standard. KONE is committed to working in partnership with you to deliver best in class solutions and providing you with the optimal solution for lift equipment fully compliant with EN81-20.


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