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Edificio Bronce, Madrid, Spain

Madrid’s 22-floor Edificio Bronce was in desperate need of modernization to remain attractive to its 5-star tenants. A phased transformation brought in cutting edge people flow solutions to offer occupants a high-quality experience of their revamped building.


  • Location: Downtown Madrid, Spain
  • Modernization completed: Phase 1: 2014; Phase 2: 2018
  • Building type: Office
  • Number of floors: 22
  • Building population: 1,000 per day
  • Building owner: Palma 29 S.L.
  • Developer: Palma 29 S.L.
  • Architect: Abarrategui Design and Iñigo Ortiz & Enrique León Arquitectos
  • Contractor: Palma 29 S.L.


  • Help property owner future proof an aging building with smart solutions and improved energy efficiency
  • Transform the tenants’ experience of the building: decades of increasingly heavy use meant elevator waiting times of up to 6 minutes and frequent equipment breakdowns
  • Keep building at 100% occupancy while performing upgrades


  • Bring in cutting-edge people flow solutions, including smart building access and elevator destination control systems, as well as cloud-based KONE 24/7 Connected Services predictive maintenance to cut elevator waiting times and improve safety and reliability.
  • Edificio Bronce is the first building in Spain equipped with KONE Advanced People Flow solutions
  • Carry out a comprehensive, multi-phased modernization plan over several years to address all the property owner’s concerns
  • Carry out some of the work at night for minimal disruption to occupants


  • 4 KONE ReGenerate™ 800 elevators
  • KONE Polaris™ Hybrid elevator destination control system
  • KONE E-Link™ equipment monitoring solution
  • 4 KONE Turnstile 100
  • KONE Access™
  • KONE 24/7 Connected Services predictive maintenance system
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  • #Europe
  • #Modernization
  • #Office

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